Strange noise? Strange smells? Does your air conditioner refuse to blow out cold air? This can mean it’s time for a repair. Especially with the summer heat in Australia, a fully functional air conditioning system is a must to stay cool while driving.

A defective air conditioning system can do more damage than you think. It is imperative that your air conditioning system is repaired as soon as possible in the event of a fault.

Repairing your automotive heating and air conditioning systems sometimes only requires a few simple changes. However, if you have no idea what you are doing, your best bet is to visit a car air conditioner repair service.

If you are a handy man / woman at heart and feel confident about doing a DIY repair, we have all the steps you should take!

DIY: Repair of heating and air conditioning systems for motor vehicles

Sometimes air conditioning repairs don’t work. This is because improving a system means something is broken. Therefore, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Usually air conditioning systems have the problem that the refrigerant runs out or the car battery is weak. The refrigerant must be topped up or the battery topped up for repairs.

Refilling or charging a battery seems like a breeze! However, repairing these small problems requires special machines, which can be done very easily in a service center for car air conditioning.

However, if you want, you can do so at home with some substitute products that you can find at your local hardware store. This includes a can of refrigerant and a refrigerant dispenser.

We have put together a quick guide to help you fix your automatic air conditioner and keep it running smoothly!

Refilling refrigerant: repairing vehicle heating and air conditioning systems

You must have all the necessary equipment and understand the safety precautions before you begin.

  1. Before you begin, make sure you have gloves, safety glasses, refrigerant and a single pressure hose / refrigerant dispenser. It’s also important that you wear gloves, safety glasses, and a long-sleeved shirt to protect your body from accidental spraying of liquid on parts of your body. If the refrigerant is exposed to the skin, it will freeze instantly and cause frostbite.

It is also important to note what type of refrigerant your car is using. The label is located near the radiator, which needs to be checked before buying the refrigerant. All vehicles use different refrigerants depending on the year of manufacture. It is therefore imperative that you observe this.

When adding the refrigerant, be careful to stay away from unfamiliar objects and to stay away from the engine compartment. You need to touch the filler hole on the left side of the engine compartment (tubular shape with two hoses).

Now is the time to check the air conditioning. If the air conditioner has completely failed, you will likely need two cans of refrigerant. However, if the wind is still soft, cold, one may do.

  1. Stop engine

Make sure the engine has been turned off for a few hours before looking for the filler port hoses.

  1. Connect the hose

When you put the hose on, you need to rotate the can. Find the low-end connector (L), remove the cap, and connect the other side of the hose to the low-end connector. Make sure it is tight and there are no leaks.

  1. Let air out

After connecting the hose you will need to loosen the end of the can to let air out. Loosen it for a second or two and then tighten it again.

  1. Turn on the car

Turn on the engine and make sure the automatic air conditioning is on the highest level.

  1. Top up the refrigerant

You’ll need to go back to the can and twist the pen the other way to clear the airway. The refrigerant flows back into the air conditioning system.

  1. Remove the hose

When you’re done, turn off the engine and lock the pin on the hose. Remove the hose and close the (L) cap.

  1. Enjoy the air conditioning

Now you can enjoy a cool breeze or a warm breeze from your air conditioner.

If you haven’t followed all of these steps, take your car to an auto repair center! They can provide you with reliable auto services and eliminate the hassle!