The Athens Judicial Association asks the Ministry of Justice to intervene to address the Athens judiciary’s lack of air conditioning.

“This is a problem that we have faced for at least three years, but the last time the situation has become unbearable, especially in summer when we work with protective masks in hot weather,” they emphasize, adding that the solution is to use Fans is not a solution to the problem they are facing.

The entire letter from the Athens Association of Judicial Officials reads as follows:


We would like to inform you of the major problem facing the Athens judicial authorities, the lack of air conditioning, and ask for your intervention to find an immediate solution.

This is a problem we have faced for at least three years, but in the last one the situation has become unbearable, especially in summer when we work with protective masks in hot weather.

As you know, “Building Infrastructure SA. (ΚΤ.ΥΠ.) ”, which is responsible for the operation of the courthouse, entered into a contract with a construction company who carried out their maintenance.

And while we waited for the climate problem to finally be addressed and resolved, we unfortunately find after about four months that only minimal repairs have been carried out and that there is no time constraint to repair the extensive damage.

The biggest problems lie in the building of the Athens Court of Appeal, where there are too many offices, even entire departments, such as ten offices of the Appeals Prosecutor’s Office on the 4th floor, the criminal record, and in the 1st basement they have no air conditioning.

Most of these places have no windows and are not ventilated, so the conditions on hot days are unbearable and dangerous for the lawyers and citizens who come to serve and much more for the judicial officers who are forced to spend eight full hours there to stay.

We were informed by the contracting company that due to the age of the air conditioning systems (they are over 20 years old) it is very difficult or even impossible to obtain spare parts. Some spare parts were ordered in different countries and have not been received after two months.

The assessment is that from now on damage will only be difficult to repair and that the problems will constantly spread to other areas of the building.

Therefore, all that remains is to replace the outdated air conditioning and the Justice Department should take care of it immediately.

Some problems have been reported at the Athens Court of First Instance, in Building 11 and in several offices of the Athens Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Athens District Court, which has been in maintenance for two months and the damage has not been repaired.

We do not think it makes sense that, according to the contractor’s notification, the spare parts were ordered abroad at least two months ago and have not yet been delivered. We also consider the period of three months in which the relevant departments of the Ministry did not approve the amount of € 12,800 requested by the Athens Public Prosecutor to solve the climate problem to be long.

In consultation with SDYA with the judicial authorities, the possibility of early departure of employees in areas without air conditioning is provided, but on hot days this cannot be a solution, but a temporary measure to protect health workers.

The purchase and sale of fans in summer and electric heaters in winter by the Association of Judicial Officers cannot be a solution either.


We ask you to take the necessary steps immediately so that final solutions can be found as quickly as possible and a humane environment in the areas of justice administration is guaranteed.

We request that the air conditioning systems be repaired immediately, if possible, and replaced with new ones when they are out of date.

Mina Moustaka