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Half scarcity delays air-con repairs, James River Air Conditioning says


RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – This summer, HVAC repair firms face a unique challenge in repairing broken air conditioning systems: a shortage of replacement parts. Pandemic interruptions in the supply chain mean that some crews have to wait weeks for reordered parts.

Companies like James River Air Conditioning Co. already work around the clock and don’t want to leave their customers “in the proverbial frost”.

“People will get by without heating, but not without air conditioning,” said Billy Amacker, resident general manager.

He said business has really picked up in the past two and a half months, with crews making “between 125 and 150 calls a day”.

However, that’s not an uncommon number for summer. There was a lot of repairs last year, but this year, says Amacker, “we’re seeing an increase in replacement shipments. The challenge is to get the equipment and the parts you need. “

The pandemic has left its mark on many industries; Manufacturers stall and disrupt supply chains, and the HVAC industry was no exception, with sometimes four to six weeks waiting for parts or equipment.

According to Amacker, the crews sometimes resort to temporary alternatives to get their work done.

“Any sort of workaround we can to keep them cool, we do.”

However, to reduce the stress on their own home appliance, and then on the HVAC crews, James River Air says that homeowners “want to keep the fan in the ‘automatic’ position at all times and make sure their filters are clean. A dirty filter will stop this system and you will not get the full capacity you need from this device. “

Amacker adds that he believes the supply chain impact may be felt by 2022.

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