The hot summer months are ideal for enjoying the sun, long walks and other outdoor activities. Hot indoor temperatures can make conditions a little uncomfortable. Air conditioners are a great way to work around this to ensure even cooling throughout the building.

The good news is that Canada has a number of great brands of air conditioning to choose from for keeping buildings cool. There are a number of factors that go into determining the best one for any situation. These can include the available budget, SEER ratios, lifespan, energy efficiency, features, and warranty period.

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Another critical factor is the complexity of the installation and whether retrofitting is required. This can significantly affect the cost of the air conditioning system, but it can also increase its performance. Either way, be sure to use a qualified HVAC technician for the installation process as this will ensure that everything is set up as it should be.

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It is important to understand each of these factors in detail before making a final decision about an AC device. It’s a reasonable-sized purchase, and if you do some homework, you can see significant cost savings at the time of purchase and down the line later.

How to estimate AC requirements

The number of square meters is the most important metric to determine the AC requirements. This helps in calculating the cost of the AC device based on the amount of space required for cooling. Put simply: the larger the room, the more the air conditioning is needed.

The energy efficiency can also be included in this calculation. Each AC unit is assigned a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Factor (SEER) to measure the level of energy efficiency. This is an important ranking as it shows how environmentally friendly the device is. On a personal level, more efficient air conditioners can also result in significant cost savings through lower energy consumption.

SEER ratings allow homeowners to rate the best air conditioners based on their energy efficiency. This ranking is calculated based on the cooling capacity of the unit in the summer in relation to the total electricity required for operation during this time. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the device; high SEER ratings mean lower energy costs and a smaller ecological footprint.

The next step is to choose a good AC manufacturer. Well-known manufacturers offer the most durable AC devices, not to mention the best warranty and support services to keep them running smoothly.

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Carrier AC units

Carrier offers AC units with a SEER rating of 21. They also come with a long manufacturer warranty to give homeowners absolute peace of mind.

In order to achieve its high SEER rating, Carrier does not compromise on functionality. The manufacturer’s Performance series places great emphasis on innovation, including moisture evaporation with UV light. These devices are also equipped with built-in fans that are used to keep the air both clean and cool. Carriers aren’t the cheapest AC units to buy in advance, but their feature-rich build and high energy efficiency make them a solid investment in the medium term.

In addition to their world-class performance and SEER rating, Carrier’s AC units also offer the option of high standards of customer service. The manufacturer also offers financing plans to spread the initial investment over months or years.

Goodman AC devices

Goodman has a long history of being a reliable AC provider. Energy efficiency is high on Goodman’s agenda, with most of its units doing well on the SEER.

Goodman is ready to endorse its products too, offering one of the best manufacturer warranties in the AC industry. The warranty from the long-standing AC provider compares favorably to most other providers. Some of Goodman’s top-end products come with a warranty of up to 10 years, not to mention a full parts service. In addition, Goodman goes a step further by offering lifetime warranties on its AC compressors.

Despite the guarantees and build quality, the prices are also extremely competitive. From mid-range to premium units, Goodman usually has an AC unit that will suit most needs.

American standard

As one of the largest and most well-known AC brands in North America, American Standard prides itself on its low error rate.

Far from the cheapest AC units, American Standard is one of the premium price brands. But the quality and durability of its products is well known and accepted as some of the best on the market.

In summary

Canada has some high quality AC device options from top brands. These include the brands mentioned above, but also some equally renowned providers such as Trane Central, Rheem, York, Lennox, Ruud Central and Amana.

Many top manufacturers offer solutions for every budget, from entry-level devices to premium quality with optimal SEER ratings and functions. With some careful research and attention to the manufacturer’s warranties on offer, homeowners can rest easy knowing they made the right choice.

In addition to choosing the brand of AC system, it is important to have a qualified HVAC professional install the unit. Air conditioning installation is a relatively complex task, and for full health and safety precaution, it is essential to use the services of a specialist.

Property owners should also pay attention to the air conditioning sizing. If the device is too small, it becomes hard to do what it’s supposed to do, which can make house temperatures uncomfortably high in the height of summer. Too large and the running costs of the AC unit will skyrocket due to the excessive energy consumption required to cool the room. Well-known HVAC companies can advise you on every aspect of this important purchase from the consideration phase to installation and after-sales service.

The best advice when considering the best brand name AC units in Canada is to balance budget with efficiency, performance and durability to find the best possible fit for a property. Regular maintenance is also important to keep the air conditioners clean and functioning well. This ensures that minor problems don’t become more serious and costly.

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