Air conditioning is a godsend at high temperatures and in some countries it is indispensable for the function of daily life.

The origins of air conditioning are much older than you might think, but the concept was really developed to keep factories cool in the early 20th century.


Air conditioners like these are a godsend in hot weather

Who Invented Air Conditioning?

The idea of ​​artificially cooling the air can even be traced back to Egyptian times.

Egyptians are the first known people to use water to cool the air that circulated indoors.

Historians discovered they put wet mats over their doors to help lower the internal temperatures.

But it wasn’t until 1902 that the modern version really picked up when engineers fought to keep factories cool in hot summers.

Modern air conditioning was invented in the early 20th century for use in factories and mills.

The very first system goes back to Willis Carrier, who developed a technology to reduce the humidity in publishing houses in New York.

Scientists soon discovered that air conditioning had other benefits, such as reducing asthma attacks and improving sleep for people with breathing problems.

Developments were soon made to add air filtration systems to units that purify indoor air.

In addition, the devices have been equipped with special filters to remove bacteria, mold, allergens and air pollution.

In 2018, air conditioning sales in the UK rose to 203,000, according to

And in the 21st century, air conditioning has become the standard for cars in the UK, but it was patented by Ralph Peo in New York in 1935 and introduced into cars in the US from 1939.


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Who was Willis’ porter?

New York-born engineer and inventor Willis Carrier is widely regarded as the father of modern air conditioning.

In 1902, a 26-year-old carrier was hired to do the air treatment in a print shop in New York.

While working as an engineer for the Buffalo Forge Company, he designed the very first air conditioner.

His invention controlled the temperature in a room using a system of cooling coils to regulate the humidity.

He later founded his company Carrier in 1915.

The company produced and sold heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Carrier later expanded into the manufacture of commercial refrigeration and hospitality equipment.

He died in New York City on October 7, 1950 at the age of 73, but his company is still alive today and employs 53,000 people worldwide.

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